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Our industries
Campus networks offer advantages in all areas.

  • Safety-relevant processes in the sector man/machine coexistence
  • Sensor based machine to machine interaction
  • Highly reliable process and production sequences
  • Real-time applications enabling more efficient use of AGVs
  • Processing of high-resolution processes
  • Reduction of energy consumption increasing battery life
  • etc...

  • Use of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Implementing decentralised processes
  • Augmented Reality to support employees
  • High-precision custom-commissioned production
  • Avoidance of errors and increase of the goods throughput
  • etc...

  • Track & Trace - (patients and equipment)
  • Data security on the air interface
  • Tele-surgery through real-time application
  • Transmission of high data volumes from a moving object (e.g. ambulance or diagnostic imaging) to a medical centre
  • Highly reliable control and monitoring of remote devices

  • Machine-to-machine communication
  • Autonomous in field vehicle management
  • Collection of weather data, plant growth, pest infestation
  • Targeted use of fertiliser
  • Feeding robots that deliver feed tailored to the needs of the animals
  • etc...

  • Machine-to-machine communication
  • Agnostic IP network in which applications can be integrated on the basis of international standards
  • Sensor-controlled material processing procedures
  • Digital and predictive maintenance management
  • Modernisation of container, port and terminal processes
  • etc...

  • CCTV surveillance cameras require high bandwidth resources
  • Smart control of street lamps, traffic lights and car parks
  • Sensor-based traffic flow control
  • Intelligent local public transport
  • Smart Ambulance & Security
  • etc...

  • Significantly faster set assembly, as hardware cabling can be reduced to a great extent
  • Trouble-free operation of microphones through assured Quality of Services
  • Decoupled and dedicated communication network in which authorizations can be allocated flexibly
  • Transport of high data volumes via the air interface, e.g. to guarantee the transmission of 4K or in future 8K content
  • Capture and processing of live metadata (statistics, sensor data, etc.), which can then be transmitted in real time along with the image signals
  • etc...

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